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The CASHO Magazine, Highways & Byways, is published semi-annually to an audience of 1000+ Directors, Administrators, Presidents and decision-making professionals. Each issue is packed with informative articles on the latest trends in construction and maintenance of highways, streets and road infrastructure as well as upcoming CASHO event dates and highlights of CASHO events. It also offers advertisement opportunities.

We are only accepting advertisements on and issue-by-issue basis. Each issue will require a new advertisement request.
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Connecticut Association of
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We Reach Nearly 1,000 Public Works Officials and Private Sector Engineers and Vendors Across Connecticut

Front cover of the Winter 2014-2015 issue of Highways & Byways, CASHO's official magazine.
We advocate safety on CT roads for passenger and commercial vehicles all year long.
More and more of you are keeping us informed as to what's going on in your municipality or business. But we're counting on you and other CASHO members and friends for lots more information to share in the "Short Cuts" section of Highways & Byways.

All you have to do is email your news to john@mikadvertising.com. Please include a photo or two related to the piece. Be sure to include the name, title and phone number of the person submitting the news. NOTE: Please try to limit the word count of each article to no more than 250 words.
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Back Cover:    Preferred position